All Eyez on God is an organization that focuses on helping those who are in need. We partner with other nonprofits, Churches to help the homeless, abused men, women, and children.

Our focus is to uplift and empower others to live a full and whole life.

Whether it is through our prayer ministry, business discipleship, coaching program, or our programs for the youth to have a productive adulthood through entrepreneurship, coaching, etiquette and life skills education or speaking and helping battered, abused women and children, or praying for those in need, we keep our eyes focus on God and center our hearts to help and support those who are hurting.

I Need Prayer Program!

Do you need prayer?

Everyone needs prayer, and we are eager to come alongside you in this most powerful endeavor. We are blessed to take your requests before the Lord. Our Prayer & Encouragement ministry receives prayer requests from people all over the country. We support those who are lost and hurting with prayer, encouragement and spiritual guidance. You can submit a prayer request and pray for others with us.

Email us your prayer requests to:

Please partner with us and support our mission by making a donation. We Rely On the Generous Gifts of Donors & Supporters to Fulfill Our Mission.

 If you should have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at:

Together we transform lives!