At sixteen years old after graduating high school I worked as a telemarketer at a Mortgage Company earning $6.50 per hour and $15 for each closed files. At the time I was only in the USA for 3 years. After high school I was sleeping on my friend’s floor in North Miami, FL. I had no car, no phone or beeper ? and not a penny to my name. I was on my own. No mom, dad or family member supporting me. If my friend didn’t cook, I didn’t eat.

A few months later after I started the job at the Mortgage Company, I was offered a new job and a higher pay of $15 an hour. I turned it down because months prior I had given my word to my boss that I would worked for him as a receptionist during the week and a telemarketer on the weekends. Everyone taught I was crazy for not taking the new job. I needed the money to pay rent, college classes and to send money to my mom in Haiti ?? but it was the best decision for me. I saw an opportunity to learn and I also was grateful that my boss had giving me a job at a time when I needed one. I kept my word, I stayed focused, I was coachable, I worked hard and I was determined to change my life. I became like a sponge ?. I soaked in everything that I was learning from all the wonderful mentors I had.

I stayed at the Mortgage Company earning $6.50 as a receptionist but I did way more than what I was paid to do. I assisted the brokers, answered the phones and sometimes cleaned the desks. I worked extra hours that I wouldn’t get paid for but I was hungry for growth and knowledge. A few months later I was invited to attend an Anthony Robbins event by one of my mentors, Mr. Meloy who was a rep at a bank. It changed my life.

After attending the event I begged my boss to allow me to become a broker. I kept asking everyday until he said yes. I went to school and as soon as I turned 18 years old I took the exam and became a broker. I worked and saved my money. Two years later I opened my own firm on Brickell Avenue in Miami. People were shocked. They said I wouldn’t succeed. I was too young and that I didn’t speak English well. I just kept going and by the time I was 21years old I was running an office with brokers, employees and closing Millions in deals. Was it easy? No. It took sweat, determination, dedication, commitment and not listening or following the crowd.

Moral of the story: Your vision is your vision and It’s the only one that matters. Not everyone is meant to see your vision. Keep your eyes on where God is taking you. Let them doubt you, let them turn their backs on you, let them talk about you and let them think you are crazy. It’s okay if people don’t believe in you, see you or think you have potentials as long as you believe. Don’t complain, don’t explain. Work in silence and let success be the noise.

God can change impossible situations. With man it may be impossible. But with God, all things are possible.

If your life isn’t where you want it to be, change it. It’s what successful people have done for thousands of years. You may currently be struggling and frustrated with your life but it’s not going to stay like this forever, that is, unless you don’t do anything to change it.

You are not your current circumstances. Say enough is enough, get sick and tired and stop looking at what’s in your way, your past failures or success. Just commit to moving forward. C. J. Lewis says: There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

No matter what, keep trusting, keep believing, be strong, have hope. The best is yet to come. ”As long as we have life, we keep love and hope alive.” Seek The Lord First and He will always guide you. #putgod1st #loveothersasyouloveyourself #believe #stayfocused #stayhumble #becoachable #changeyourlife #changelives #tbpics #Entrepreneurmindset

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Maxandra Desrosiers is a Coach, a Motivation Speaker. She lives and breathes to inspire others through her life experiences to unlock their true potentials. She loves to travel and currently lives in Miami, Florida. She has built a team of thousands of people through her Network Marketing Business. To contact Maxandra email her to