Sometimes people will fall short of your expectations. I have falling short many times in my life. Have you ever fallen short of expectations? I learned to take people for who they are and not try to change them. You can not change people. Freedom from the whole fixing cycle, ironically, comes from moving our attention away from the other person/problem that is to fix, and turning that attention onto God and ourselves.

Today give grace to someone or to yourself. Just remember that grace is the remedy for defeat. Stop beating yourself or other people up. When people fall short, I recognize they came short of the expectation and I pray to God to allow me to go beyond their actions to forgiveness. Let go of the expectations and surrender to God’s will. When we show grace to others, the grace that we show is multiplied back to us. We all fall short of God’s glorious standards.

Today make a commitment to get back up and go forward. I pray that you will let go of fear of judgements and expectations and simply accept and receive God’s grace and walk in it. May God prosper you in every way so you can flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

To rise extraordinarily high you sometimes have to go extraordinarily low. 2021 is not over, rise on your feet and make everyday count.

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