Miracles unfold around us every single day. Our lives, however, are often overshadowed by fear and our focus is directed towards the things that haven’t come to pass, the individuals who oppose us, our perceived lack of resources and support, and even our past mistakes. Consequently, we often overlook the presence of these miracles.

Roadblocks obstruct our vision. The fact that I am composing this article right now is, in itself, a miracle. It is through the grace of God that I’m able to convey this message to you. I earnestly hope that you take a moment to acknowledge this fact.

Back in August 2015, my mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that rendered the left side of her body paralyzed. In the emergency room, the head nurse, accompanied by the doctor, conveyed that without surgery, her life expectancy was merely two days. Despite our strong opposition, we requested a 72-hour delay before any surgical intervention. She spent weeks in the intensive care unit before being relocated to a regular ward.

Fast forward five months, and my mother is not only alive but also making steady progress. While she must reacquire speech and mobility, this unquestionably stands as a testament to God’s miraculous intervention. Would you not concur? Although she currently resides in a nursing rehabilitation facility, her life endures, and she is thriving.

I serve a magnanimous God. The opinions of humans hold little significance in the grand scheme because the ultimate authority rests with GOD. He possesses the final say and wields the power to reshape people and circumstances.

I share this account with you because there are instances in our lives that seem insurmountable.

We fixate on those who disregard us, the relatives and friends who fail to offer their support, the naysayers, and those who undermine our aspirations. At times, we internalize the judgments of authoritative figures about what is feasible or unattainable. Frequently, these figures intend to intimidate us.

During pivotal junctures, we may question whether we are the sole individuals grappling with such profound despondency. Rest assured, you are not alone. Our shared humanity binds us. There exists a reassuring certainty that someone out there is navigating a parallel experience, if not the very same one. Their emotional state likely mirrors yours, revealing our underlying commonality.

Sometimes, the hardships, trials, and challenges we perceive are precisely what fortify our resilience.

Perhaps you’ve lost everything and now embark on a fresh beginning: launching a new business, entering a new relationship, or relocating to a new city.

You might have weathered profound brokenness, betrayal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

You could be locked in battle against an addiction—be it to gambling, internet use, video games, plastic surgery, falsehoods, excessive shopping, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, or exerting power over others.

Maybe the notion of suicide has crossed your mind.

It’s plausible that your life feels chaotic.

Perhaps you bear the weight of a shadowy past that gnaws at your spirit.

I empathize. I comprehend. I’ve traversed similar terrains.

Regardless of your present circumstances or past ordeals, your significance remains unaltered. Embark with an openness to the notion that your life has, and continues to be, enriched by instances of miraculous intervention. In this very moment, you hold the key to amplify your personal potency.

God’s love extends to each of us on an individual level. This conviction stems from my own life experience. Over the past five months, I’ve gleaned profound insights into the potency of faith and unwavering love. Miracles, I’ve realized, are unlocked through these two channels.

Miracles manifest ceaselessly, every fleeting second. Irrespective of your identity, your history, or your transgressions, you are a living miracle. I implore you to steadfastly believe that life is unfolding in your favor—not as a force against you. This applies even if your life is meticulously structured and meticulously planned. Life, inevitably, unfolds. Your past has primed you for this very instant. My conviction is that you are presently poised to embrace miracles. Such miracles transpire when you wholeheartedly believe.

Allow me to share seven pivotal lessons that have dramatically reshaped my own life in these past five months:

  1. Embrace your past.
  2. Acknowledge your emotions devoid of self-judgment.
  3. Pledge to inhabit the present.
  4. Extend self-forgiveness and forgiveness to others.
  5. Exemplify kindness towards yourself and others.
  6. Infuse love into action—cultivate mindfulness. Love wields immense power, a force unsurpassed. Love bears the potential to mend the world’s wounds.
  7. Pose a daily query to yourself: “What can I undertake today to infuse the radiance of love into the life of another human being?”

In conclusion, let me reaffirm this truth: you are adored beyond measure. In a world that often questions our significance, understand that you are a miracle—the embodiment of divine grace and potential. Just as the sun radiates its brilliance without reservation, let your light shine brightly, for you are a beacon of God’s love and limitless possibilities.

Post byMaxandra Desrosiers

Maxandra Desrosiers is a Coach, a Motivation Speaker. She lives and breathes to inspire others through her life experiences to unlock their true potentials. She loves to travel and currently lives in Miami, Florida. She has built a team of thousands of people through her Network Marketing Business. To contact Maxandra email her to max@maxandra.com.