During my twenties, I went through a period when I would never go anywhere without make up. I was always covering my imperfections. God forbid if I had a pimple; there was no way I’d be caught dead under public scrutiny.

After years of covering my imperfections, I discovered that every scar, inside and out, has contributed to the person I am today. It is critically important that you learn to love who you are and to love your scars.

Much like we cover our external scars with make-up, we tend to cover our internal scars as well. For some people, the makeup is drugs, alcohol, food and sex among other addictions. We practice ignoring our emotions. I want you to know that your beauty is more than skin deep. You are radiant and beautiful just as you are! Be yourself and stand tall! You are perfect just the way you are!


Post byMaxandra Desrosiers

Maxandra Desrosiers is a Coach, a Motivation Speaker. She lives and breathes to inspire others through her life experiences to unlock their true potentials. She loves to travel and currently lives in Miami, Florida. She has built a team of thousands of people through her Network Marketing Business. To contact Maxandra email her to max@maxandra.com.