Recently, I was discussing with a friend how our society doesn’t allow for us to openly discuss death although it is a natural part of life. We live and we die; anything else is just a delusion. The problem is that when we cling to living we tend to become afraid of dying.

We are a being full of power and potential. We live our lives as if we have forever to live. We live out our dreams only in the future. We often behave as if there is always another day; another time to accomplish our tasks, another day to be present, and another day to express love or gratitude to our loved ones.

When we experience death or sickness, we usually wake up to the reality that forever doesn’t exist. It is typically in those times we realize that we must enrich our souls daily and live our lives as if the present day is the last day on earth.

As you pay attention to the people around you, you notice families at the dinner, with each person constantly on their phones. No one is “present” anymore. The technology of our times have taking us away from truly connecting to our beings and souls. We are no longer conscious of who we are and what we are becoming. We operate carelessly. We take life for granted. We do not cherish the moments because we think we have more time.

We must wake up and live fully. Get in touch with your dreams and seek what truly makes you feel alive. Time doesn’t exist. Spread love, cherish the moments and be filled with gratitude daily.

You’ll only be ready for death when you live your life fully. Your loved ones will know that you loved them. You will not be here physically but your memories and legacy will live on. Our legacy is a reflection on how we live our lives on earth. Give it all you’ve got. Life is a gift. Enrich your spirit daily and live a life of meaning because God is love!

I’ll leave you with a final thought by one of my favourite authors; “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” ― Mark Twain

Post byMaxandra Desrosiers

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